Exchanges between European TI-Nspire™ Pilot Network Teachers

Brussels, March 16-18 2007

TI-Nspire has been the first hardware and software technology platform integrating 20+ years of experience of teaching with dynamic geometry, computer algebra, spreadsheets and electronic datalogger. It enabled to bring the latest pedagogical insights in respect of multiple representation and formative assessment in hundreds and thousands of classrooms.

Sharing Inspiration 2007 brought education practitioners together to share first classroom experiences, to discuss consequences for curriculum and assessment and to develop new concepts for content and PD.

Agenda Highlights

  • Best practices for using TI-Nspire™ in mathematics education
  • New math insights: what kind of new problems, mathematic situations and mathematic subjects are possible with this new environment?
  • What are students learning: what are the effects of this environment on student’s learning and on students’ behavior?
  • Classroom assessment: how can we evaluate the students’ technical competence, mathematic skills and ability to engage in research work…? Evaluation with and/or without technology.
  • New national curricula and assessments, using technology. Some European countries are now engaged in the process of implementing tests using ICT in their national exams.
  • Working with algorithms on TI-Nspire™

Teaching and learning mathematics with digital technologies: the teacher perspective